Sunday, November 6, 2011


This past week was an eventful one. It went like this...

Halloween at Jeff & Chelsie's with Cale & Kristin. We took little Jaxon & Vayda out for their fist trick or treating experience. It was so cute. Jaxon was a tiger and Vayda a ballerina.

Jeff & I wanted to try a new restaurant in SoHo and found this little gem. We ordered captain crunch french toast...Yum

These condos were across the street. So cute.
Mckell was down from D.C. visiting her family in Orlando. So we drove up with the Johnson's. Mckell's grandparents made the best homemade pizza I have ever had. It was such a fun night.
love these girls
We ventured over to Ybor City for some lunch at Bernini.

After lunch we visited our favorite park in Downtown Tampa and enjoyed the beautiful weather.


Mary and Taylor said...

Lauren! I'm so glad you and Mckell got to get together. Wish me and Jess could have joined! Your life seems like such a fairy tale. All those restaurants sound amazing! What a fun week. And that picture of Jeff at the bottom cracks me up- was he taking a step? Kicking water? haha.

Chelsie said...

The pictures look awesome! I like wanted to take a bite out of the caramel apple one haha. They were so good! :)